CUBIS Pro Mini Atomizer
CUBIS Pro Mini, adopts innovative and leak resistant cup design, whose coil replacement and juice fill can be achieved by removing this top section from the cup. Airflow controls is also contained within the removable top tank assembly, meaning the possibility for leakage or coil flooding is greatly reduced. With the CUBIS Pro Mini atomizer, you’ll gain a perfect flavor and more precise vaping experience ever.
CUBIS Pro Mini Atomizer
CUBIS Pro Mini Atomizer
Adjustment of Liquid Valve
The new LVC (Liquid Valve Control) Clapton-1.5ohm head applies the liquid valve control system.
Simply rotate the ring on the base to adjust the liquid valve.
CUBIS Pro Mini Atomizer
Top Filling And Top Airflow Control
Based on the top filling and top airflow technology, we made a slight modification to the tank.
Simply uninstall the top cap from the airflow ring, then inject the e-juice into the two side holes (not the vent pipe) directly.
CUBIS Pro Mini Atomizer
Detachable and Washable Structure
With its special structure, CUBIS Pro Mini Atomizer can be easily detached and is able to wash separately.
CUBIS Pro Mini Atomizer
Multiple Atomizer Heads Can Be Applied
NotchCoilTM 0.25ohm DL . head, BF SS316 Series Heads, BF Clapton-1.5ohm head, BF Ni, BF Ti and BF RBA head.
CUBIS Pro Mini Atomizer
Multiple BF Series Heads for Your Choice
CUBIS Pro Mini Atomizer
Easy Airflow Control
Simply rotate the airflow ring clockwise or counter-clockwise to adjust the airflow inlet.
It is elegant in appearance and convenient in operation.
CUBIS Pro Mini Atomizer
Atomizer Head Replacement
Uninstall the atomizer tube, the atomizer head is located on the base, just unscrew it and replace with a new one.
(NOTE: Do not wash the atomizer head with water. Simply scrub it with alcohol cotton or clean dry cloth.)
CUBIS Pro Mini Atomizer
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